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🌐 Welcome to “Run Your Private Practice with AI” – the ultimate podcast for therapists seeking to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in their practices. Hosted by Kym Tolson, a seasoned therapist, and AI aficionado. This series is your gateway to a world where technology and therapy converge. 

Each episode of “Run Your Private Practice with AI” is a treasure trove of insights, demystifying AI and bringing it into the realm of therapy with flair and finesse. Kym, with her unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm, guides therapists through the maze of AI applications, offering practical tips and innovative strategies to optimize practice management and client engagement.

Are you tired of the endless administrative tasks overshadowing your passion for therapy? This podcast is your beacon of hope! Dive into discussions about AI-driven solutions that streamline private practice systems, enhance therapy techniques, and amplify your digital presence. Discover how AI can be your ally in creating more client-focused and efficient therapy practices.

“Run Your Private Practice with AI” isn’t just another tech talk. It’s a vibrant journey into the future of therapy, packed with actionable advice, real-world examples, and Kym’s infectious energy. Perfect for both AI novices and tech-savvy therapists, this podcast promises to transform the way you view technology in private practice.

Subscribe now and join Kym Tolson on this exhilarating journey. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and invigorated as you step into the new frontier of therapy practice management with AI!

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Run Your Private Practice with AI Podcast

with Kym Tolson