14. Ask Me Anything AI: Marketing, Notes, and Client Privacy | Sponsored by Berries

In this episode of “Run Your Private Practice with AI,” sponsored by Berries. I dive into a variety of topics aimed at helping therapists integrate AI into their practices. I introduce you to Berries, a HIPAA-compliant note-taking platform that turns recorded sessions into editable notes, and share how you can get 20 free sessions without a credit card. I also cover tips for using AI in marketing without compromising SEO, avoiding AI-detectable language, and making your content sound more human. 

I discuss tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to ensure your writing doesn’t sound AI-generated and explain how to incorporate AI usage into informed consent forms. I address client concerns about privacy and resistance to AI tools, and provide practical demonstrations, including how to create logos with ChatGPT and customize notes using Berries. Finally, I invite you to join my live Q&A sessions every Wednesday at noon and share how AI can enhance your practice while maintaining compliance and security.

Key Points:

  1. Strategies for varying sentence structures and incorporating personal anecdotes to improve the natural feel of AI-generated content.
  2. Tips for using AI in marketing without affecting SEO and making AI-generated content sound more human.
  3. Ensuring client privacy and consent when using AI tools, and practical demonstrations of customizing notes with Berries.

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Everybody. Welcome to the life and listings podcast. I have Preston here. Hey Preston, thanks for joining us. Hey, how are you pretty good? Can you introduce yourself to all of our listeners and tell us a little bit about you and what you’re doing?


Yeah, for sure, I don’t have my scarf on today.


No one’s gonna understand.


Yeah. So we usually in Google meet. Always have fun with the scarves and everything else.


I almost played with that yesterday.


So I’ve been in real estate for 20 years. I got licensed in 2004 and yeah, for me, like the one thing I focused on early on, because I was, I was, I’m in Myrtle Beach, so it was a secondary market. Was there were so many people moving to our market that were from different areas. So like for me, I wanted to figure out, okay, how can I get in front of them in 2004 there wasn’t a whole lot of people building agent websites and real estate sites for that matter. And so I started building out real estate sites for myself. The first website I launched was prestonguit.com and quickly, a lot of the local companies were like, how is this guy ranking, you know, ahead of us on companies and everything else, you know, really focused on lead gen early on, and that’s I’ve continued to do that. It’s how I built several different companies, you know, through lead gen or able to build systems and processes around that, recruiting agents open a mortgage company sold out of one real estate and construction company. So with everything I’ve done, I’ve always used lead gen in a way to to build the company and build systems and processes and everything else. So that’s why. Short answer,


this is totally why we get along, because you’ve just done all the things, yeah. Well, tell us a little bit about what you’re working on right now. You’ve got some really exciting things that just launched or in growth mode, and they offer a lot of different things to teams and brokerages,


yeah. So, you know, a couple different things. One, I so I sold out of the real estate company. I started in 2010 I sold out of that in 2020 we did real estate, we did construction, real estate sales and home design. And when I got out of that, I launched a mortgage company to our market. Never did anything with mortgage, so we started that in 2019 revolution mortgage. That’s kind of how easy home search grew. Right? Like easy home search, I knew I could generate leads with a home search portal with mortgage, you can’t just go out and say, Hey, I’m going to, you know, dangle a carrot. Hey, you can. Need to sign up and register to see what the rates are. You can get that information anytime. So we use easy home search as a way to generate leads. We then partnered with real estate companies, and we use that to grow revolution mortgage in 2021 we’re the number one branch in the country, and then I decided I wasn’t a big fan of the mortgage industry, so got out of that and started palms Realty. The same thing there, like we used easy home search in a way to recruit because we had exclusivity in Oregon, Georgetown County, because I own easy home search and partner in palms Realty, use that in a way to grow and scale palms realty is now at 110 agents. We did 275 million last year. So really, what I’m doing now is like taking all these things that I’ve done through the years and helping teams and companies across the country, one with digital Maverick, where we run the AdWords campaigns for teams to help generate leads. We recently launched the DCM program, which is a database management program, which we run inside of follow up boss Travis Halverson came on full time in January. And so with that, we’re focused on helping the teams and companies on conversion, because majority of them struggle with it, right? And so really, that’s what we focus on there. Because when we launched, it used to be Chaplain digital. We just rebranded the digital Maverick when we launched, that it was a way to generate leads for companies across the country. And I quickly realized I was talking a lot of people out of actually signing up, because I looked at their systems and the process they had in place, and realized they’re going to run ads for three months and they’re going to quit because they’re not converting. They’re not seeing instant gratification. They’re not showing property right away from a lead that just came in yesterday. So the companies that didn’t have the systems and processes in place, a lot of times I would talk them out of and I was like, Hey, I got to fix this. So Travis and I started talking about the DCM program last year, and then we launched that in digital maverick in January. So yeah, I mean, for me, it’s going between digital Maverick helping teams and companies easy home search, which will cover 200 mls is by the end of the year. Right now, we send leads to companies through follow up, boss, we’re about to add some other CRMs as well through a direct API integration, and then reside platform as well, which with John suneet and Nick. So those are the three things are my focus,


all the things, I mean, but there’s they are so tied in together. And I love the fact that you’re like, you want to give me your money, but. Don’t want you, I don’t even want to take your money, because you’re not going to convert and you’re not going to have an ROI on it. I mean, that’s so common to see across so many different teams. Like, I just, I need to buy leads, right? I need the incoming leads. Well, are you actually converting them into closings? So tell us a little bit about the DCM program, because that’s one of my favorite products you guys have. Like, how many teams are you working with? And what are you doing there?


So we are at, so we just launched that January. I think we’re at 6058, or 62 teams, somewhere in that range. So what we do is we go in and we So Travis will set it up, and Alex, and now we have a team, Alex, Travis and Nikki, and then Emory. But what we do is we will hire train a DCM so somebody that goes into their database will text and email the clients. Will nurture the clients and all the incoming leads. Some people do it on past clients. A majority of them at all, not necessarily past clients, but like leads are kind of gone dormant, sitting in their CRM. Nobody’s calling them, and we’ll go in and message them, and then bring them back up. And then every day, at the end of the day, they’ll get a end of day report, which I don’t know if you’ve seen that or not, but it has how many leads, how many messages were sent out, how many conversations were had, how many leads were moved from the main database to nurture, meaning they’re buying beyond 90 days. And then how many have moved to DCM appointments, which are buying within 90 days, and those DCM appointments are usually handed off to agents within the team. So yeah, we’ve been running that. And I think we looked at the numbers Travis and I before we went to spoken in Nashville, and we had said the team had sent one or 3.3 million text messages in the same amount of emails. So that’s where we’re going, in the team’s account and doing all those things for them. And it’s only getting better, like we just brought Nikki on now she’s going to audit the teams once a month their accounts, and she actually listens to calls and then sends the CEO a message saying, Hey, your agents need to do this. This was a DCM appointment, and she usually picks out three, I think, is what her audits are to really show like, Hey, you’re doing a good job or you’re not doing a good job here, here’s are the things you could correct. And like Nikki said, I think she shared with me, she said, 692 appointments last year as an ISA, and she just, she just came on first of this month. So you know, one of the things I think about, too, when I talk about that, is like, what’s your superpower? For me, it’s like finding the right people, selling them on the vision and bringing them as part of my team. Because there’s a lot of things that I can’t do, and I think that’s where a lot of people fail, is they try to do everything. But you really, you know, not only hiring the right people, like, I don’t necessarily go hire people that I have to train like, I hire people that are really good, and I sell them on the idea and the vision, you know? So when you’re owner of a company or whatever you’re doing, you always have to sell because you have to sell the people that you want to join your team, what your vision is, and bring them as a part of that vision, and that becomes part of their dream. So I do lead gym, but also, like, am really good at selling people on the vision and what we’re trying to build. So I’ve always been able to bring on really good people and surround myself with really good people, and that’s why the companies have been successful. And


for those that are listening, stats is working with a couple of Preston’s companies too, and it’s been really amazing to see the people he’s put together and how, first, touches, how sharp they are and how smart they are, but not only just how smart they are, but how friendly everybody is, like, they’re so passionate about it and helpful. And, you know, you come in kind of blind, meeting all these different people, and you think that maybe someone’s going to be a little mean, or someone’s not going to be very helpful, and everyone’s just like, so warm. I’m like, Yeah, who are all these people


on my first call with a scarf and a winter hat on?


I mean, there’s that too. So that was pretty funny. I’m like, What in the world am I getting myself into? I mean, let’s talk about easy home search a little bit, because that’s really just kind of spreading across the country as we speak. What’s differentiating easy home search to some of the other lead platforms out there. Yeah.


I mean, for me, like, I tell people, for me, it’s something away. It’s not something I had to do. I enjoy it, you know. So it’s not like, Hey, it’s me chasing money. It’s really something I’m passionate about. And the passion is with the real estate industry. Like, it’s given my family so much provided my family so much. If you look at it from the standpoint of news and everything else, real estate industry has always been attacked, whether it’s in the headlines, whether it’s all of a sudden a lead platform is charging you 35% or 40% referral fee. We’re already running on, I mean, name a business to where the gross revenue is 6% of sales, or really 3% of sales, or less actually profitable. So when you look at, you know, look at that standpoint, and you’re maybe getting 3% if you’re lucky, and then you got to give away 40% of that 3% and then you got to pay your agents, and you got to pay your bills and everything else. It’s kind of hard to survive. So for me, when I. Look at easy home search. The reasoning I’m doing it is because I really want to get back to the real estate community. I really want to see the real estate entry continue the way it is, and not have some exorbitant expense as far as per lead fee or a referral fee. Yeah, you know. So that’s really, like, the reason behind it. But as far as, like, scaling it, we’re, you know, right now, we’re, we’re going across the country. We’re communicating with data companies right now to where we’re actually going to accelerate that, with the potential to be in up to 220 MLSs by the end of the year, which is a lot further than what I wanted. Like the original goal was 120 and I’m like, Hey, then the more I dig in and see the things we can do based on 220 MLSs, that gives us about a 94% of all listings across United States. So that gives us 90 because there’s a lot more MLSs, but there’s a lot of teeny MLSs, right? Yeah, a lot of small ones. A lot of the bigger ones overlap the small ones. There’s a lot of small ones that might have 30 listings in it. They’re just holding up, which is crazy to me, but, but, I mean, that’s kind of what we’re focused on, as far as, like, as the growth and then the differentiator. We’re really focused on what the message is to the consumer after we deliver the lead to a partner, like we do county exclusivity, where, to me, there’s so much benefits when you do county exclusivity. I saw what we did at Palms, I’ve seen what I’ve done in other companies that I’ve been a part of is you’re able to do things from a systems and processes standpoint. You’re able to do things from a recruiting standpoint, when you can sell you, hey, I have exclusivity, because pretty much if you have a whole county, you have the whole market, right? I mean, counties on the West Coast are massive, so I gotta figure what you know counties, if you look at a United States map, like the East Coast, you know, from the middle of the country, East the counties are a lot smaller. So, you know, county exclusivity makes a lot of sense on the East Coast. It doesn’t on the west coast as much. But we’re still in we’re still selling county exclusivity there as well. Yeah,


you start like, looking, I never realized that until we started working together, and you like, look at the map. Look at the map, and you’re like, what is up with that? Like, these are really tiny. And then you spread out, and you have all of Arizona, all of a sudden, one county,


yeah, yeah. I think Arizona is, what, six counties, eight counties, stuff like that. It’s just, it’s not so, yeah. I mean, they explored West and said, Hey, let’s make the the land a lot bigger, the area a lot bigger. So,


yeah, well, you know, we’ve got a lot of team leads, or broker owners, or even just agents that that listen to the podcast, like, what kind of tip can you give them to, like, improve their conversion?


Really follow a system. The biggest problem, and I talk about this a lot, is complexity and systems, right? A lot of people come up with these. I want to do this thing and this thing and this automation and this thing and this thing and this AI and I want to do this. Just pick something, make it simple. What’s simple you could follow on a daily basis. And some of the team leaders that I talk to that have the most success, they’ll do like one, they’ll they’ll focus maybe on 20 clients at a time, or whatever that number is, and they’ll do the same things, everything, every single day. And a lot of times it’s very simple. They’re just and I tell people, create a system, create a daily schedule that you could follow. Like I feel like I’m winning when every day I feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day because I do the exact same thing every day. This morning, I woke up super early. I usually don’t wake up as early as I did, but I woke up and I couldn’t sleep, so I got up at three, three o’clock, I worked for two hours. I worked out. But it’s the same thing every day. I’m usually up at four, right? Four? I work out. I make coffee, or I make coffee first, then I work, and then I work out. I get my kids up, help get them ready for school, take them school, go to the office, and then work in the office. And that could be prospecting or whatever. And I think a lot of people try to build a schedule based on somebody else’s schedule, yep, you know, build a schedule based on your own schedule, whatever that schedule is. Just stick to it. That’s all you need. Is just do those things. And even when you look into your CRM, don’t have 50 stages, you know, keep it simple. The more simple you could keep it, the more chance you’ll have success, you know. And when you get into complexity, no agents are going to follow it. And if you’re an agent and you build complexity in your own schedule, in your own CRM, you’re not going to follow it


either. No, there’s, there’s so many times that I look at people’s calendar and I’m like, There’s no way you’re following this time blocking. Are you? They’re like, No. It says, I work out every morning for two hours, but I haven’t worked out in like six months. Like, then take it off your calendar. Like you’re not going to follow anything if the very first thing you see on your calendar every day is something that you’re lying to yourself about. Yeah,


and it’s funny, mine at at 5am has coffee, actually 4am coffee and working out. It’s been there for like, four years, but I do it right? Yeah, the biggest thing people do is they lie to themselves about what they do and what they’re going to do and everything else. I mean, just be honest with yourself and pick a schedule and stick to a schedule and keep it simple. And that’s that’s really it. I mean, it’s not success, isn’t hard. It’s just keeping. Consistent. You know that people fail. Everything’s out there, the blueprints out there. It’s been shared over and over again. It’s just majority of people won’t follow it, no.


And I think you touched on it right? They’re over complicating whatever they’re building. And then they just either a start, get getting busy, and don’t fall continuously follow it. So you see a lot of like ups and downs, or just don’t do it, period. Yeah,


yeah. And then they chase shiny objects too. You know, that’s another thing, but, and one thing, when you’re building a company or a team or whatever it is, don’t get away from the things you’re good at. I see everybody wanting to replace what they’re doing with somebody else. There’s always going to be things that don’t make sense for you to replace. Like, I probably do way too much stuff I could, I should probably hand off. But there’s things that I’ll never give up, and it’s, you know, it’s what I’ve what I’ve focused on for the past 20 years. Like, I enjoy SEO, I enjoy writing, I enjoy content, I enjoy marketing. Those are things I’ll never get away from. So, you know, really pick the things that you’re good out and just don’t think you’re going to replace yourself with somebody, you know, somebody with with yourself and things you’re good at, because then all sudden, what are you doing? You know, what’s what’s left for you to do?


I feel like that’s a pretty common thing. Like people like, Oh, I’m getting kind of busy. I’m just going to delegate everything that I do to an assistant. I’m like, well, first off, they didn’t want to be a business owner, so they don’t want to do everything you do. And there’s a reason why you’re successful, right? So you want to make sure that you kind of holding on to that a little bit, so you’re not just delegating everything out and then you lose your growth. Yeah.


I mean, that’s, that’s why most people won’t run a business, because they don’t, it’s a disaster, a lot of, I mean, for everybody, I’m not going to sit here and say it’s a disaster, you know, it’s like, it’s like disaster all the time. I mean, it’s a good disaster. You know, there’s things you could do to make it better, but there’s no perfect business out there that, you know, every business is going to have challenges, and every team’s going to have challenges. So to think that listening to somebody on social media saying how great it is, they’re lying to you, if they’re all They’re sharing how great it is all the time, because for every business, there’s going to be challenges. And just understand


that. I mean, I’m fairly certain I texted you, like, two weeks ago and I said, I think we’re just both psychos. Like, we must just both be a little bit psychotic based on the fact that how much different things we’ve got going on, yeah? Just like me. Yeah,


it’s fun, though. So, I


mean, the last question was, I was going to ask you what your superpower is, and you kind of touched on that a little bit. So one of your superpowers, you said, was just building a really strong team. Do you feel like you have? You know, share another superpower. We know you have probably 15 different ones.


I mean, for me, it’s at the Legion side and understanding conversion and understanding, you know, that’s what I’ve been doing for 20 years, right? So it’s really looking at and not only understanding lead gen, but understanding how the systems and what you How could you use that and leverage in your business to to grow your business to where you want it to go? And that’s, you know, for me, that’s my main say, like, the past 20 years, if you looked at anything I’ve done within any business, I’ve always been focused on lead gen, you know, whether it was organic, because organic was a lot easier 20 years ago, and then it grew into pay per click and Adwords as that became more prominent. And you know, the the a lot of the organic traffic was taken by companies you can’t compete with. But, you know, we’re, we’re focused on changing that. But really, for me, it’s Legion, and doing all the things that that we, you know, we need to do to build the companies and everything I’m a part of


Awesome. Well, thanks for sharing with us today, and thanks for being on the podcast. If anybody wants to get in touch with you, where should they go to find some information on everything you’ve got going on? Yeah.


I mean really, Instagram, Facebook is Preston Guyton, both there’s a link tree. I don’t even know the link to actually link trees, a link to Preston. Oh,


yeah, I think it’s, it’s probably Preston Guyton, like, Link tree, backslash, but I’ll drop it in the show notes too, because I have Yeah,


but it’s, you know, on Instagram and Facebook, active on both of those often find me there, reach out, ask a question. I might hop on a zoom with a scarf. Well, only Google meet right? Because we haven’t found that functionality in zoom yet. If it’s zoom, I’m not hopping on with a scarf.


Well, thanks, Preston, thanks for joining us, and have a great day. Thank you.