09. Skyrocket Your Therapy Practice’s Growth with AI: Effortless Marketing Tips Every Therapist Needs

In this episode of “Run Your Private Practice with AI,” Kym Tolson delves into the realm of AI-assisted marketing, offering therapists straightforward, actionable tools to amplify their private practice’s online presence. Highlighting user-friendly AI platforms like ChatGPT, Kym explores how chatbots can serve as an ever-present virtual assistant on your website, engaging potential clients and guiding them through services and scheduling. She emphasizes the power of AI in transforming content creation, making social media updates, blog posts, and newsletters more efficient and aligned with your brand voice. Kym also touches on leveraging AI for insights into market trends and keywords through tools like Crayon and MarketMuse, enabling therapists to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively. Email marketing optimization and SEO enhancement with AI tools like Mailchimp’s subject line generator and ClearScope are also discussed, presenting a comprehensive guide for therapists looking to navigate digital marketing effortlessly.

Key points: 

  • Setting up chatbots is an easy way to engage website visitors around the clock.
  • AI can elevate content creation, allowing for tailored marketing that addresses specific client pain points.
  • Incorporating AI insights is crucial for informing marketing strategies and enhancing SEO efforts.
  • Starting small with AI tools is recommended to find what best suits your practice without feeling overwhelmed.

Links mentioned:

– www.clinicalaiclub.com: Join the Clinical AI Club. Created for therapists interested in leveraging AI.


Hey, everybody, welcome back to run your private practice with AI. I’m Kim Tolson, and today, we’re diving into something I know you’re going to love practical, easy tools to market your private practice using AI. And trust me, you do not have to be a tech wizard to make this work. So whether you’re new to AI, or just looking for fresh, straightforward strategies, you’re in the right place. So let’s make your private practice standout without all the jargon or the overwhelm that a lot of us go through when we think about how the heck am I going to market, my private practice. So first up, let’s talk about chatbots. For your website, Now, hear me out, I’m like, Oh, I don’t want a chat bot on my website. I don’t even know what to do with that. So creating a chatbot might sound like something out of a sci fi movie. But with platforms like chat GPT, it’s easier than ever. So imagine a virtual assistant on your website answering potential client questions. 24/7. It’s like having an always on receptionists that guides visitors through your services through how to schedule with you or even providing general information about therapy. And the best part really is you could set this up with a few clicks and some simple prompts from chat GPT, or you can get away more advanced with it. I’m actually talking to somebody right now he’s a certified bot builder, whatever means he’s got like, a certification that few people in the United States has. But anyway, I’ve been talking to him because I want to actually start figuring out a way to offer chatbots to therapists like in a simple, easy way, but also really personalized. So if you don’t want to do this part of it, like programming it and setting it up yourself, you could use, you know, a service to help you make a chatbot. And I’ll tell you more about that, of course later. But this is a really easy way to market your practice, it gets visitors engaged on your website, even when you’re not available to talk to them on the phone or to do like a consult with your clients. And then you can use chat up tea or whatever to help you write the content or even think of like questions that a client might ask or think of ways to phrase and answer I don’t know about you, but I always get writer’s block. I’m like, Okay, I want to know what to tell somebody this, but I don’t even know how to say it really, you just say that in the chat UBT. And it’ll tell you how to say it. So it makes it a lot easier, it kind of gets rid of that writer’s block, or just that thing that makes you procrastinate or not do something because it’s like, Oh, I gotta put all this thought into it, you really don’t have to with AI, or you know, using a company that maybe already has pre written templates or scripts for you to put into boss that they can create for you. So that’s a good way. And then using AI for content creation can put your usual efforts on steroids. So I use AI for a lot of my social media. I’ve specifically trained chat TPT around what what is my brand voice who is my ideal customer? What are their major pain points that they have in life that I need to really talk to on my social media, to sort of attract them to me to get them to want to work with me. And this goes for therapists as well. You could do that same sort of thing figured out here niches and then train church at UT to write specifically to them with social media copy, or if you need ideas, for reals or just anything you can program church btw to help you with that. And it really can uplevel your content and make it help you with creating blog posts, social media updates, even newsletters that can be super time consuming before. You could say like, look, this is what’s happened in my life in the last couple of weeks, or that you might not want to share your life. I do that in my newsletter sometimes. But maybe this is what’s happened to the practice we brought on a new clinician, we have somebody that’s now trained in this modality for offering group therapy at night. You know, you could put that into church T and say now I want you to turn this into a newsletter, you could just literally listed a bullet points and that’ll do the rest for you. So just makes it super easy. So basically what I’m saying with Chad CBT or what are the other ais that are out there, Claude three is out now Gemini which used to be barred, you can just Google Gemini AI and it’ll come up, you’ll be able to find it. So there’s all these different ones that you can use. I prefer char GBT, obviously. So like I say, you can do all these different things with your using your brand voice. And I think in another episode, I’m just going to talk about some tips to help you with prompts to make sure you’re doing it correctly. There’s a lot of mistakes people make, I think with doing prompts and they feel frustrated and if the AI soccer work for them, but it’s usually because they’re not putting very good prompts in. But that’ll be another episode. So let’s see. Moving on. Let’s talk about just a little bit of like data savvy stuff that you can do with AI for insights to help you guide your marketing efforts. So tools like crayon or market muse, they use AI to analyze trends, keywords, and help you see what’s working in your niche. So you can you know, do some market research so to speak on what people are looking for people are searching for that can help you drive your efforts on your marketing as far as SEO efforts and Just changing website copy changing even your Psychology Today, copy based on market trends that are happening within your niche, it can help you just really understand what potential clients are searching for, or engaging with on the internet. So you can tailor your marketing efforts more effectively towards what they’re searching for. It’s like having a marketing analyst on your team, and helps you make more informed decisions on what content to create, or where to put your focus or even your advertising dollars if you’re trying to advertise your practice. Now, I know a lot of large group practices do that to target locations or certain states of certain niches within the state. And most of these platforms I’ve played around with, some of them are really straightforward. They have dashboards, and suggestions and help centers and all kinds of stuff. So if it seems overwhelming, you don’t really need like a data science to create or to figure out how to use these to drive your SEO results, it’s getting easier and easier every day. With AI and all these different platforms that offer like aI centered efforts within their platforms. The only problem is there’s so many of them. Now, it just started to make it overwhelming, at least for me to figure out which ones you want to go with a lot of them offer like annual plans for cheaper rate, and then you’ve signed up for an annual plan. And then, you know, it’s like, oh, gosh, I wish I’d gone with this other one instead. So I don’t know if you guys read it to that. But I have but the two I mentioned are pretty good. From what I can tell so far. And like I said, most are really easy to use, they offer quick solutions. And we just spent hours and hours trying to figure out where traffic was coming from, and how we could leverage that traffic. But not anymore. It’s a lot easier with these tools. Now next, we can really automate our email marketing efforts using AI. So email marketing platforms can be a real goldmine for private practices, if you are doing it correctly. You don’t want to send out emails, nobody wants to read. But using AI, it can really help you automate that process. And there’s tools like MailChimp has a subject line generator. We all know if it’s not a catchy subject line at this point, you’re just not even click on it, it looks boring. If it looks like just so boring, old newsletter, you’ll probably get a pass right over it. So first step of marketing these days is how do I get a catchy subject line to people even want to open my email, because we’re all inundated with emails, even if we sign up for an email list. I do this all the time. It’s like if I don’t have the time to read that. But if it’s something catchy, I’ll definitely click on it. So you can use a separate line generator to help you that MailChimp does it there’s also I think it’s subject line.com. if I’m remembering correctly, let me go look it up. So I could tell you guys exactly, yeah, subject line.com, it’s free. And you could put your subject line in there, we’ll give you like ideas on a better one, it’ll tell you why they’re better. So I’ve used that quite a few times. It’s like, oh, that’s actually helpful. And it’s aI generated. And there’s something called Auto Mizzi. It’s email optimization, it’ll help you craft emails that actually get opened and clicked on. So it’s a very cool tool. I haven’t played too much with it, but I have seen it and I would recommend checking it out if you’re into that kind of stuff. And all these tools, analyze your email content, your subject lines, suggesting improvements and help you increase engagement, even with mailer light, but I use every email you can go into you could see where do people click in your email?

What was the open rate? How many people unsubscribed you can get a lot of data just from from that information and using Chad GPT. take that information and plug it in over there and say what does this mean by coach Brittany logs. She’s amazing. She knows so much more about AI than even I do. She will take an email, she’ll pop in and chat up to you. She’ll say this one only got an open rate of 32%. Here’s a subject line, here’s the content, can you analyze this and tell me what I can do better to to get a better open rate next time. So there’s tons of stuff you can do like that. These are like quick, easy ways to ensure that your newsletters and updates are hitting the mark and are really hitting the mark with your audience. And you don’t have to spend hours overthinking every single word you can use these tools to make it a lot quicker for you. And then trading AI is like chatting to you to know your ideal client and how to nurture them with this information that you’re getting from your email campaigns. And these SEO tools and all these all this information. You’re getting together to plug it all in together in one chat TPT thread and say this is what’s going on my business right now I need to improve engagement, I need to increase my client retention rate or I need to get more clients coming into the door. What do you suggest based on all this data, you could totally do that. You can even put it into a spreadsheet. If you have GPT four, you can upload the attachment and tell it to analyze the attachment. I just did this the other day and I’ll probably talk about it in another episode with a survey for a new product that I’m developing. So that’s a quick easy way to analyze data using chat GPT. And lastly, you could use AI to help with SEO or getting found on Google might seem like a daunting task like SEO my brain kind of shuts down when I think about it but AI is really kind of got your back with this to platform like clear scope, surfer SEO can help you optimize your website can help your content rank higher in search results. And you really just enter topic. And these tools will suggest keywords, headings, content structure to improve your visibility. And if you are a critical AI Club member, you might remember our Black Friday deal that we had, it was like a bonus deal, but I ended up giving it to everybody that was already a member in the club. And it’s still available if you join the Club. It’s a training that my tech guy Artie at Arca enterprises created for us that teaches you how to use AI to enhance your SEO. So that’s available within the critical AI clubs, super, super helpful, great suggestions in there without having to buy any of these fancy, you know, clear scope, or server SEO or anything like that. So now let’s talk action steps for just a minute. Here’s your action plan, pick one area to start with maybe chatbots or content creation, sign up for a tool like chat GDT if you haven’t already, or Gemini or cloud three, it just one of these chat bots. It’ll help you with writing or clear scope for SEO, something like that and play around with it. No pressure, just explore and see what you come up with. You’ll be super surprised at how easy it is to do some of the stuff that I’m talking about. And then I would suggest just implement one small change on your website or in your marketing strategy based on what you learned from tech BT or one of these other programs that you might use subject line.com You know, something like that just super easy to see what happens to get you more familiarized with AI and how can you help you save time be more efficient, but also convert more clients from just looking on your website or maybe your Psychology Today profile to make them want to work with you and basically book an appointment. And you know, just remember the goal here isn’t to overhaul everything overnight. It’s about taking small, manageable steps to integrate AI into your marketing, making your life a little bit easier and helping more people discover your private practice. And there you have it quick, easy ways to market your private practice with AI it doesn’t have to be complicated. With these tools and tips. you’re well on your way to boosting your online presence and attracting more clients all while keeping things authentic and stress free and really more efficient for you. So hope you found this episode helpful. I’d love to hear about your experiences or any tools that you’ve discovered that’s made your life easier. And if you’re craving more insights on leveraging AI in your private practice comm Join the conversation at the clinical AI club at WWW dot clinical ai club.com