07. Advancing Mental Health Care: Practical AI Applications for Therapists!

In this episode, Kym dives into the evolving intersection of artificial intelligence and therapy, sparked by an enlightening discussion with Maria, CEO of Mentalyc, a HIPAA-compliant AI-powered progress note writing company (use code KYM10 for 10% off at https://bit.ly/3OQp4Jd). 

Kym shares insights from a webinar she’s slated to guest on, hosted by the LCC in North Carolina, focusing on the ethical use of AI in counseling. The episode explores recommendations for integrating AI responsibly in practice, underscoring the importance of staying informed, critically evaluating AI technologies, and maintaining the human essence of therapy amidst technological advancements.

Key Points:

  • Importance of HIPAA compliance and ethical considerations in using AI for progress notes.
  • The potential of AI to enhance therapy practices while requiring a cautious, informed application.

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