05. GPT Store Released: Passive Income Generator for Side Hustles!

In this episode of “Run Your Private Practice with AI,” I dive into advanced applications of AI for therapists exploring side hustles and diversifying income streams. As a therapist and digital nomad managing multiple income streams, I share insights on the transformative potential of ChatGPT and its latest feature, the ChatGPT store. This innovative platform, resembling popular app stores, allows the creation of unique ChatGPT applications, offering endless possibilities for personalized AI tools.

I discuss my experience in developing specific ChatGPT applications, including one tailored to insurance billing for my Bill Like a Boss community and the publicly available Progress Notes AI tool. These tools demonstrate the capability of AI to streamline complex tasks like note auditing and treatment plan generation while respecting PHI guidelines. The episode emphasizes the opportunity for therapists to create specialized AI tools as effective lead magnets and marketing aids for their private practices or side hustles.

Key Points:

  • Exploring Advanced AI Applications: Utilizing ChatGPT for creating personalized AI tools, enhancing private practice efficiency, and supporting side hustles.
  • Innovative AI Store:  Introduction of the ChatGPT store, enabling the creation and sharing of unique AI applications, mirroring the functionality of app stores.
  • Practical AI Implementations: Real-world examples of AI applications in therapy, focusing on insurance billing and progress notes, and their potential as marketing tools.

External Resources Mentioned:

Progress Notes AI Tool: A free tool available for ChatGPT-4 users, designed to aid in note-taking and treatment planning:


Clinical AI Club: A community for therapists to explore and implement AI in their practices. Website: www.clinicalaiclub.com